Night Danger Welcomes you … At Night… To Danger..

Oct.19, 2019 Super Synth (Night Danger Live Set Starts at 1:07:00)

Night danger is an electronic musician and producer.

Humorously, his seasoned background as a tune-smith is actually as far from that of an electronic songwriter as one can imagine.

Night Danger began his musical journey on the bass guitar, mastering a slew of styles. Despite all of his experience playing in bands with varying styles such as Blues/Bluegrass, Country, Funk, and Rock n’ Roll a secret remained… A hidden passion required development; Electronic production.

In 2015 the moniker of Night Danger was coined and the experiment began. An affinity for production led to a hefty syllabus of how to create electronic music. Initially, the goal and form of study was childhood video games and their sonic re/de-construction.

This brings us to the present, four years following a learning attempt that began as earnestly as a fondness for one’s own adolescence, 2019 Has seen the development of Night Danger’s unique take on Synth-wave sound, culminating in the release of radical electronic creations, to finally be gorged upon by the masses.

Keep those ears open and eyes peeled because Night Danger is only gearing up to release loads of new music, and remember … The danger is real!!

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